As new products are developed by our customers, the uses for our California raisin become more specialized. Chooljian Brothers Packing Company can meet the most rigid industry specifications and we have designed our new processing plant to meet today's ever-changing requirements.

We have custom-designed stainless steel cleaning, washing, sizing and blending lines at Chooljian Brothers that are the most sophisticated in the industry. Our raisins go through laser sorters and more cleaning stations, washing points and quality assurance checks than any oteraisins you can buy.

Modern food processing demands quicker inventory response than ever before. This means our customers rely on our consistent quality at the agreed to specifications. We understand that responsibility and accept it. No questions. No excuses.

Built on old world family tradition, Chooljian Brothers Packing Company is known for providing quality California raisins, fair business dealing and dependable service that provides a bottom line difference for customers.

Rigorous product specifications, unwavering business values and unmatched personal service make Chooljian Brothers Packing Company the most reliable California raisin partner in today's business environment.



3192 S. Indianola Avenue , P.O. Box 395 , Sanger, California 93657 , Phone: 559-875-5501, Facsimile: 559-875-1582